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A new adventure in suckitude

I got a brand new computer at work. 512MB RAM, 3.something GHz, should be able to run a small country let alone my workstation. Windows and a bunch of other crap was installed from scratch by a department of people who do nothing but this for a living. The hardware is as standard as possible; everyone in the place I work has to have the same computer, sold by the same company, installed with the same hardware. I am blessed with Windows XP SP2.

Over the following days and weeks I will be ranting as I encounter Windows-related suckiness. Allow me to begin with some initial, background rant.

If ever Windows was going to run properly, this should be the time. I work for a big enough organization that any bugs should in theory be worked out of the system at this point. Thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and man-hours are put into making these computers work.

Some history: the reason I got a new computer is that my old computer was slower than a snail taped to a brick. Now, this computer is not old by any means. 2 years old tops. Nothing intense was ever done on this computer. It was used as a standard email/Office/internet computer, apart from running some (sucky) statistics software. I checked it repeatedly for spyware and viruses (as best as anyone can) and I found nothing. I had 10GB free HD space, which is about 20 times the size of the hard drive from my first computer.

But the computer crawled. I could click the Start Menu and watch it, quite literally, draw pixel by pixel down the screen. I could minimize a program and watch Windows laboriously draw the desktop line by line on the screen. I was absolutely forced to reboot the computer every night, because its performance seemed to degrade linearly over time.

There was no reason for it other than that Windows hadn't been reinstalled for 2 years. Every single computer in the building is routinely taken up the hill and wiped clean. Or else it's replaced with a new computer, which is so unnecessary it makes me sick to my stomach. But this is the norm, not the exception.

January 25, 2006 @ 7:56 AM PST
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