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A while back I stopped coding in Perl and starting using Ruby for mostly everything. Today I had occassion to use Perl again, because there's no good working equivalent to Perl's Spreadsheet::WriteExcel that works well in Ruby; this Ruby spreadsheet package is a bit too buggy. (It's not my choice to use Excel, but they're paying me to use it. I can't complain. Well, I can complain here I guess. And will.)

One thing I notice about Perl is that Perl sure does give your fingers a workout. I looked at the fairly simple 103-line Perl script I wrote, and it has exactly 118 dollar signs. That's a lot of Shift-$ finger reaching, if you think about it. Ruby doesn't even use curly braces around blocks; it uses do and end, which type quite nicely. Ruby does use a lot of pipes, but I can easily do a one-handed Shift-| maneuver if I lift my right hand off the home row. Think of the potential gains I will have when I'm older from the avoidance of arthritis alone.

Try to come up with a more petty gripe than this. I dare you.

June 27, 2006 @ 6:36 AM PDT
Cateogory: Programming
Tags: Perl, Ruby, Excel, Rant