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A sad, sad day

I spent the time to get this site to work in Internet Explorer. It still works in Firefox and Opera of course, and that's the extent to which I'm going to bother testing. (Well, OK, here's a screenshot of my site in lynx. Still looks great to me!) I also added some color, because all the grey and the lack of contrast was causing permanent damage to my nervous system. It's pretty bad when bright orange makes your site look BETTER.

I ended up going to a table-based layout. I know it's The Wrong Way™ to do things. But in my opinion, CSS can't handle column-based layouts worth crap. I learned today that there are actually tags in CSS to support a multi-column layout. But I know IE doesn't support them, if any other browser does. Who knows.

Getting three columns, one of which is resizable, and all of which are the SAME HEIGHT, without using tables, is like trying to program HTML with 9 broken fingers while a rabid monkey attacks your face. Cheap hacks with floats or position:absolute is not my idea of an elegant approach to web design, when a simple full-site wrapper table does it exactly right. Use a table to split the site up into sectors of specific size and orientation and alignment, and then CSS your brians out, that's what I say.

June 23, 2006 @ 1:37 PM PDT
Cateogory: Programming