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Deleting files in XP takes 5 minutes?

We have a fairly new computer here at work running Windows XP. 2.something GHz of course, you can't buy anything slower nowadays.

Every time you try to delete a file, a window pops up showing a progress bar. This bar immediately fills all the way up and then sits there. You can leave it there for as long as you want, but it very rarely closes. On my old computer at work I had the same problem. I used to leave those windows open for 5 minutes and they would still be there. The strange thing is that the file deletion itself appears to finish immediately, within seconds. You press Delete, and the file disappears. However the dialog box remains.

There's a single button in this dialog box that says "Cancel". If you click this button, the dialog box goes away, but it doesn't cancel the file deletion (likely since it had completed 5 minutes ago). The file stays deleted. However, perhaps by "Cancel", MS actually meant "Cancel the act of displaying this dialog box which is unrelated to the actual process of file deletion". In which case, it does indeed work properly.

On that same computer, when you click Start -> Log Off, it takes upwards of six minutes for the "Are you sure you want to log off?" dialog to appear. I'm not exaggerating. Six minutes. Again I've experienced this on my own computer here at work before I got a new one. I can only surmise that Windows so thoroughly enjoys interacting with friendly users such as myself that it can't bear to let go.

Please note, this computer has been repeatedly scanned for malware and viruses and there are none detectable. In fact this computer has behaved identically since it was purchased. And as I said, I've seen the same behavior on at least two computers here.

See how calmly and rationally this post has been phrased? I can assure you that my calm demeanor is merely a thin layer of pleasantness covering a seething core of utmost hatred and frustration. I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine what is wrong with Windows XP to make it behave this crappily. I am often told "Windows XP works for me!" or "Windows XP is stable!" or "I wish I'd paid more money for Windows XP! I'm going to have its babies!". Is there some other version of XP than the one I'm running? Like a Windows XP AW Professional version? ("Actually Works") Because the only version I have ever run is a piece of garbage. More accurately, a steaming pile of offal.

June 08, 2006 @ 3:19 AM PDT
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Quoth jhogan on September 19, 2007 @ 8:38 AM PDT

Did you find a fix to this issue? I am having the same problem