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Blog and CRUD

I updated my blog source code on github. I also split my CRUD library out into its own clj-crud repo. It is cruddy, so the name is apt.

This code still isn't polished enough for someone to drop it on a server and fire it up, but maybe it'll give someone some ideas. I think the new code is cleaner and it'll be easier for me to add features now.

Beware bugs, I'm positive I introduced some.

EDIT: A word about the CRUD library... persisting data to disk is hard when the data may be mutated by many threads at once and the destination for your data is an SQL database that may or may not even be running. I have more respect for people who've written libraries that actually do this kind of thing and work right. Granted I only spent 3 days on mine but still, it's tricky.

I gave up for a while and tried clj-record, but it was prohibitively slow. It has the old N+1 queries problem when trying to select an object which has N sub-objects. In real life you'd write SQL joins to avoid such things. Ruby on Rails on the other hand gets around this via some nasty find syntax.

I get around it by having all my data in a Clojure ref in RAM already so it doesn't matter. And by using hooks so each object keeps a list of its sub-objects and the list is always up-to-date (updates of sub-objects propagate to their parents). But the crap I have to do to get this to just barely work is pretty painful.

April 12, 2009 @ 1:01 PM PDT
Cateogory: Programming