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Please kill me

I'm trying to debug an SPSS Visual Basic / ActiveX script right now after it randomly stopped working. It worked perfectly fine for weeks, but yesterday it just stopped for absolutely no reason. Not a character in the source code changed. The thing was marked Read-only; it's not POSSIBLE it changed. So how can it work one minute and stop working the next?

This is very close to what I imagine Hell is like.

"Unknown internal error". You can't get much better than that. Oh wait, I'm sorry, you can. Utilizing state-of-the-art VB debugging techniques, I am able to expand upon that:

**ERROR** ((&H800405e8) Unknown internal error.)

Ah, the old &H800405e8. I should've known! Now I know immediately how to solve this issue. My solution does involve launching my computer in a somewhat ballistic manner off the top of this building, but it couldn't hurt.

SPSS 13 is such a shoddy product, the company that made it should be sued.

May 16, 2006 @ 3:54 AM PDT
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Quoth Unshelled on April 11, 2008 @ 2:58 AM PDT

Upgrade to SPSS 16.

The company that made SPSS 13 is SPSS Inc. They have a support line.

Quoth YouMakeMeGiggle on April 11, 2008 @ 3:03 AM PDT

&H800405e8 really does tell you how to solve the problem (search it in Google) and the solution does NOT involve throwing your computer off a building. Harming the physical machine never fixes a software error. This is a common misconception, so I can understand why you might think this.

Quoth Unshelled on April 11, 2008 @ 3:08 AM PDT

Ok I'll stop messing with ya. You need to update your license. Expired

Quoth YouMakeMeGiggle on April 11, 2008 @ 3:19 AM PDT

Yes, you would have found your license was expired had you run a Google search. If you instead threw your computer off a building, believe it or not: you would still have an expired license.