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Westinghouse, the saga continues

Friday a guy on the phone said he'd call me back Monday or Tuesday to give me an update on when / whether they're ever going to send me my monitor. Monday came and went with no call. Not really surprising.

I filed a complaint with the BBB today. We'll see how that goes. At the BBB Westinghouse has around 150 complaints in the past 36 months, but 133 of them were supposedly solved "satisfactorily" and Westinghouse somehow still has the highest possible rating at the BBB. I've read some things about the BBB not being an entirely neutral entity itself, but who knows. I'll start filing complaints with other consumer groups if I need to.

A good handful of people have left comments here at my blog saying they aren't going to buy anything from Westinghouse themselves, which is great to hear. I may mention my blog to Westinghouse next time I call them, if there is a next time. Is not sending me the monitor I paid for really worth losing a bunch of customers?

The sad thing is that I really do need a monitor with component and composite inputs, and they are somewhat rare (the local store had none except Westingcrap brand). However I have found a Gateway model that has them, so maybe that'll work out. I'd gladly take a refund from Westinghouse rather than a monitor at this point.

(Read the whole crappy story of Westinghouse's dishonesty and horrible customer service: The beginning, Update 1, Update 2, Update 3, Update 4, Update 5, Update 6, Update 7, Update 8, Update 9, VICTORY, aftermath.)

June 16, 2008 @ 4:56 PM PDT
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Linyos Torovoltos
Quoth Linyos Torovoltos on June 16, 2008 @ 9:08 PM PDT

You should post this on Digg, Reddit, etc. and see if it gets to the front page...that might help get Westinghouse's attention ;)

Quoth gregf on June 16, 2008 @ 9:26 PM PDT

Yeah, probably more powerful than BBB if they are in fact not doing there job.

Quoth Brian on June 17, 2008 @ 3:44 AM PDT

Hmm that's an idea. I'm unsure I want my server to melt into a puddle though. Or the massive influx of trolls and flamers that it would bring.

Vicky C Galloway
Quoth Vicky C Galloway on June 30, 2008 @ 1:44 AM PDT

Just read through your posts regarding Westinghouse. I am currently going through the same mess. They received my monitor on May 14th and it went into the sinkhole out back of their warehouse. I am sure of it. I firmly believe I will never get the new one I was promised.

In an earlier reply I read a comment about a class action suit. From what I have been reading online in various posts it may be about time. Perhaps if we all complain to our attorney generals there will be enough complaints to justify one.

I have bought a new TV since the monitor died and you can be sure it was not a westinghouse.

By the way, I have enjoyed most all of your posts, even the ones over my head, programming-wise.