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Westinghouse: Closer to sucking every day

After my monitor's sudden death, I sent it off to Westinghouse to get it fixed. Westinghouse got my monitor on March 20th. I called them last week to see how it was doing, but after a good 10+ minutes listening to hold music I hung up without ever having spoken to anyone. I called them back the next day in the morning and asked them if they got my monitor. The nice lady on the phone said that she couldn't tell me that unless I gave her the UPS tracking number I used when I sent it.

(As per my first entry on this subject, if I hadn't Googled extensively before I sent my monitor, I'd never have known to send it UPS to begin with. My first plan was to send it via US Postal Service. But I've read at least one website that indicates Westinghouse rejects shipments by the postal service; God only knows where it would've ended up then. Similar to Nate who recently commented on the above entry, Westinghouse claimed they emailed me RMA instructions, but I never got them and had to call back. They blamed my "spam filter" just like they apparently did for Nate. When I called back originally to get the RMA instructions, no one ever mentioned that I needed to use UPS.)

In any case, I dug up the UPS tracking number and called back Westinghouse yet again. That would be the sixth time I called Westinghouse about my monitor. The lady I spoke to this time wasn't so nice as the first, but she tried to be helpful. She confirmed that they did get my monitor, but could give me no update on its status. She said it "must be still in processing". I don't know what "processing" means, but I hope it means they're fixing it and not that it's sitting in a box in the back of a warehouse under a pile of mouse droppings. She also said she'd put in a "request for information" at the RMA department, and that someone will call me when there's an update, to let me know the monitor has been shipped back to me. If I actually get that phone call, honestly I will be pretty amazed.

So this makes four weeks without my monitor, three weeks of which I have solid proof that the monitor has been in the hands of Westinghouse. Even if they shipped it today, I won't get it for another week. For some reason I have this funny feeling that I'm going to get it back and it's either going to be still broken, or break again in another week or two.

Why couldn't they immediately send me a new or refurbished monitor of the same model to replace my broken one? Many companies do this. Instead I've been without a monitor for nearly a month now. I don't own a TV, so that monitor was my only interface to digital entertainment of any sort. This does not a satisfied customer make.

I'm already certainly never buying another Westinghouse product. In another week or so, Westinghouse will officially cross the threshhold into massive suck territory, if they haven't already. As I planned, googling for "Westinghouse RMA" now shows my blog on the first page of results. Having a blog does come in handy sometimes.

(P.S. it's a Westinghouse L2410NM 24" LCD monitor. Hi GoogleBot.)

(Read the whole crappy story of Westinghouse's dishonesty and horrible customer service: The beginning, Update 1, Update 2, Update 3, Update 4, Update 5, Update 6, Update 7, Update 8, Update 9, VICTORY, aftermath.)

April 08, 2008 @ 4:36 PM PDT
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Quoth Scott on August 19, 2008 @ 4:42 AM PDT

I am having the exact same problems with westinghouse at the moment. I went away for two weeks and came back to a completely dead monitor (L2410NM) They did reject the package from the USPS the first time it was delivered, but the post office kindly re-sent it for free. It appears that they have received it now. I hope they don't spend three weeks with it. I have a feeling it popped somewhere inside and took the phone plugged in next to it down as well, which stopped working at the same time.

P.s. I got here through Google, isn't it great?