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I always know when something from my blog has been posted to Reddit, because I wake up and I have dozens more comments than I'd ever get otherwise, 90% of which are calling me an idiot.

I get a kick out of it though. People so take everything so seriously, and can't recognize hyperbole when they see it. It's amazing how quickly a straw man can be constructed and demolished in the course of a reader's short comment. In all seriousness, people would do well to remember that you generally infer can't infer much of anything about a person's character or intelligence or beliefs by reading one blog post they made on their cow-website.

Easiest way to increase traffic to your blog: Write up a post insulting something, e.g. a programming language or text editor. Use deliberately weak arguments, but not TOO weak. Float enough truth in it to make it plausible. The internet justice avengers will descend upon your blog like rabid wolves, because no one can resist pointing out when someone else is wrong on the internet. I don't write posts like that (not on purpose anyways) but the temptation is always there.

April 04, 2008 @ 9:07 AM PDT
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