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Lisp on Gentoo

Gentoo is a good platform for playing with Lisp. Given it's the only platform I've used for playing with Lisp other than Windows, and I doubt anything could be as bad as Windows. But Gentoo works fine.

Here are some other links that I'll probably find useful in a few months even if no one else in the world does. Funny how my blog serves as my sticky-notes.

  • Gentoo Common Lisp Guide. Tells you how to avoid using Debian-derived common-lisp-controller, which I take it many people hated. Hint: Read the bottom of that guide first, it tells you about gentoo-init.lisp so you can avoid dumping tons of stuff into your config files.
  • XFT fonts in Emacs on Gentoo. I have Emacs (built 2007-09-20, installed as emacs-cvs) and XFT fonts work fine for me.
  • Be sure to throw
    (require 'site-gentoo)
    into ~/.emacs if you install any Emacs stuff via Portage. If you plan to use SLIME you probably also need this in there:
    (setq inferior-lisp-program "/usr/bin/sbcl")
    (inserting the path to your implementation of choice of course).
  • Portage is chock-full of CL packages. Of course pretty much every free CL implementation you could ask for is in Portage. But the dev-lisp branch of the Portage tree also has 200+ other CL packages. Get CL-PPCRE.
  • A CLiki page about Lisp on Gentoo.
  • This post on the gentoo-lisp mailing list has some nice information about where things go when you install CL packages via Portage. Might come in handy.
December 04, 2007 @ 2:21 PM PST
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