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Match made in heaven

Imagine if you will, a field of daisies. In the background, some sappy music. Perhaps Chariots of Fire? At one end of the field, running in slow motion, arms spread wide, is a pasty white, lanky, bespectacled geek. At the other end, a nondiscript black box. What is this box? Could it be? Yes, it's a computer, and it comes bearing the gift of Linux.

That was more or less the scene today. After a month of agony, my Gentoo box arived today. It sustained minor damage during its trans-continental journey. The case has a dent in the corner, which is impressive given that my case is solid steel. Both optical drives were bashed into the case, and one drive's front panel was broken off, but it snapped back on OK. The video card came unseated, but I took it out and put it back in and it worked fine. This is mostly expected. I should've packed it properly before I moved, but I didn't have time. Next time maybe I'll send the parts separately, or else pack the inside of the case with something to pad it.

Either way, I'm immensely glad to have it back. All my precious music files, and my precious source code, and my precious desktop shortcuts and conky configs. I'm now slowly but surely updating all the packages that are out of date, and there are a lot of them.

Also 1920x1200 lags KDE pretty badly. I need to figure out how to liven it up a bit.

November 08, 2007 @ 1:29 PM PST
Cateogory: Linux
Tags: Gentoo, Linux