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FVWM = bad

I briefly considered playing with FVWM again, but then I realized what a massive waste of time it is. I wish there was something like FVWM that didn't look like 90% of it was transported here from the 80's. It's really great for giving you the ability to change almost anything. The only problem is that in those few cases where you don't have the power to change, the defaults FVWM picks are horrible.

Window handles for example. Approximately 100% of the "less powerful" window managers let you graphically change the window handles and window borders. FVWM lets you either remove them, have a flat colored border, have a nasty "textured" border with a tiled pixmap (ugh) or use the most God-awful 3D-ish borders I've ever seen. If you doubt this, look at some screenshots.

You can't use a non-tiled pixmap for the borders. You can't set per-side border width. You can't do like Openbox and just keep bottom handles. This is something fundamental. Dragging a window border is something I use hundreds of time a day to resize or move windows. And window decorations are present at all times on every single window you open. It should be customizable exactly how I want it.

So my new philosophy on window managers is to pick something that has sensible defaults when it has any defaults at all, and still lets you customize what you actually give a crap about customizing. Openbox is pretty good for that.

April 06, 2006 @ 10:45 AM PDT
Cateogory: Linux