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That's better

This is why I like Gentoo. I installed ZSNES and I got version 1.51 from the Portage tree, but that version doesn't have netplay. The version I want was some funky 1.42n version somebody wrote with netplay built in. It took me all of five minutes to write an ebuild based on the build in the Portage tree and mask the later versions and install what I wanted. In Ubuntu I'd have been back to ./configure && make && sudo make install and it probably would've bombed due to missing libraries.

Lots of chatter on blogs lately about Gentoo management problems. As usual, I guess. Something I've been guilty of in the past myself is ignoring all the good and focusing on the bad. It's somehow easy to install 1000 packages and focus on the one that fails and respond with "Holy crap Gentoo is broken, stupid lazy devs". It's easy to see one offhand comment from a dev on a mailing list that may be very vaguely insulting to someone if read in a certain way and conclude that Gentoo devs as a group hate non-dev users and think they're scum. (How can a one-paragraph email spawn a five-page forums thread?) I'm making a concerted effort to ignore all of this crap as much as possible.

There's so much good here if you open your eyes to it. Sure some things don't work sometimes, but so many things do work so much of the time and it's easy to lose sight of those. This is one reason I think it's important to make some noise when things DO work sometimes, even if it seems redundant. Just to keep perspective.

July 20, 2007 @ 11:05 AM PDT
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