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Nothing to it

My Gentoo install went swimmingly. Of course swimmingly for a Gentoo install means that I had to recompile my kernel twice. (I foolishly tried to get away with using /proc/config.gz from the liveCD instead of configuring it by hand, and it turns out the liveCD doesn't compile SATA support into the kernel, so I got a kernel panic when it couldn't find /. Oops.) I didn't touch a single file in my /home partition, and everything still works largely as expected. I re-used the old xorg.conf which has come with me from the Gentoo install before my Ubuntu install, which saved me time again.

Including the time I wasted on kernel recompiles, and added time to re-burn the CD because my flaky DVD burner / low quality CD-Rs gave me a corrupt liveCD the first time around, it only took maybe five hours of attention from me to get up and running with KDE, Firefox, Thunderbird, Pidgin, the GIMP, Amarok, gvim, and so on and so forth. Nothing to it. I've actually run out of programs to install now, so I guess I can consider myself "done".

I think installing Gentoo actually took me LESS time than the last time I installed Ubuntu. That may be because my Ubuntu install CD was 2 years old and I had to upgrade my way through 3 Ubuntu releases to get current, but it still amuses me to say it. (Funnily enough though, many times over the years I've resorted to using my old Gentoo 1.4_rc1 install CD from 2003 to install Gentoo on one computer or another. I was tempted to try again this time but I like being able to fiddle around with Gnome and use Firefox while I do my install.)

July 14, 2007 @ 9:32 AM PDT
Cateogory: Linux