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I love that new textbook smell

So as I alluded to after chattering on for hours, C++ is my new language of the week/month(/year?). My copy of The C++ Programming Language came in the mail a day early today, so I got to read it on the bus ride home from work, which was fun. I've apparently already read five chapters without realizing. Time goes fast I guess. It's been a long time since I did homework problems, but I gave some of the ones in the book a shot.

You can really tell this is a book for geeks. From (?1.1.2):

The exercises vary considerably in difficulty, so they are marked with an estimate of their difficulty. The scale is exponential so that if a (1) exercise takes you ten minutes, a (2) exercise might take an hour, and a (*3) exercise might take a day.

Then he goes on to give some problems a difficulty of (*1.5), which means some exercises have fractional exponents for difficulty levels. I haven't quite worked out how many hours that comes to.

There's probably a reason all the non-geeks at work recoiled in horror when I gleefully brandished my shiny new book at them. For some reason no one took me up on my offer to let them read my book during their lunch break. Their loss.

July 11, 2007 @ 1:53 PM PDT
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