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Oh come on.

:perldo s/something/other/
E319: Sorry, the command is not available in this version

In spite of my previous actions which I thought led to a successfully non-gimped Vim install, it turns out that I actually ended up getting rubydo to work AT THE EXPENSE of perldo.

Apparently what I actually needed was vim-full. Installing vim-ruby and vim-perl doesn't work. One shadows the other. They must both provide the same files. But stupid apt never told me there was any problem.

In fact right now I have vim-perl, vim-ruby, AND vim-full installed. I just uninstalled vim-perl and reinstalled it and it let me do it, but I have no idea what it did. It didn't affect my ability to use perldo even when vim-perl is uninstalled.

When I do aptitude show vim-full it says

Conflicts: vim-gnome (< 1:6.4-001+3), vim-gtk (< 1:6.4-001+3), vim-lesstif (< 1:6.4-001+3),
           vim-perl (< 1:6.4-001+3), vim-pyt<span></span>hon (< 1:6.4-001+3), vim-ruby (< 1:6.4-001+3), vim-tcl
           (< 1:6.4-001+3), vim-tiny (< 1:6.4-001+3), vim-common (< 1:6.4-001+3)

Apparently "Conflicts" does not mean "Prevents you from installing them all at the same time". Thanks Ubuntu.

EDIT: No, the current vim-perl I'm installing is version 1:7.0-164+1ubuntu7.1, so it doesn't conflict. But it still doesn't seem to do the right thing.

July 08, 2007 @ 7:40 AM PDT
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