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I finished my new layout, for some sufficiently small value of "finished". I went really minimalistic with a hint of cow. Lack of cow was the real problem with my last layout.

June 28, 2007 @ 12:59 PM PDT
Cateogory: Programming


Quoth tante on June 28, 2007 @ 7:38 PM PDT

looks good!

Quoth numerodix on June 28, 2007 @ 8:16 PM PDT

Uhm.. where is the cow? Apart from "Powered by WordPress and cows." ?

Quoth Brian on June 29, 2007 @ 1:20 AM PDT

Thanks tante.

numerodix, the cow is a subtle beast. :)

Quoth Yams on June 29, 2007 @ 4:21 AM PDT

What's going on here?!

Quoth Brian on June 29, 2007 @ 6:20 AM PDT

What's it look like?

Jan-Hendrik Zab
Quoth Jan-Hendrik Zab on June 29, 2007 @ 11:38 AM PDT

Nice design (again)! Just makes it a bit harder to read the text IHMO.

Quoth iamwill on September 07, 2007 @ 3:11 AM PDT

How would one get a copy of this cow theme?

Quoth Brian on September 12, 2007 @ 7:08 AM PDT

Honestly, I never in my wildest dreams imagined that anyone other than myself would want to use it.

Quoth iamwill on September 12, 2007 @ 7:33 PM PDT

It's very clean and I had the same concept for my site, and aside from the colors, I absolutely love the layout. You did a great job on this one. If it was ever possible, I would love a copy.. (no worries, I will add your site to the footer of the theme for full credit to this theme) =)