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KDE, hello again

I changed back to KDE today on a whim. This means I can start working again on my Gnome <=> KDE icon converter script that I started way back. This is necessary because most of the icon themes for KDE are essentially hideous.

Every time I start using KDE again after a long absence, it takes me a good hour or two to get it in a usable and non-annoying state, visually and otherwise. Generally achievable in 7 easy steps:

Step 1: Kill Klipper. This used to be a hassle. I could never figure out how to do it permanently. Now the first time you right-click and quit Klipper, it asks you if it should restart every time you use KDE. KDE devs read my mind.

Step 2: Remove all the default ALT+F# keybindings. Rebind them all to "Change to desktop X". Remove any other annoying keybindings. The fewer the better; I don't like surprises.

Step 3: Make everything about eight times smaller. Fonts, icons, window borders, Kicker.

Step 4: Find a QT theme that doesn't look like it was inspired by balloon animals. This one is about as minimalistic and "flat" as I've ever seen in KDE. I like it so far.

Step 5: Change the color scheme and wallpaper to remove all traces of neon blue. Muted greys and a few bits of lowly-saturated green work well.

Step 6: Open up a random GTK app and wince in pain. Set gnome-settings-daemon to auto-start from now on.

Step 7: Start adding launcher icons for oft-used apps to Kicker. gvim never seems to make it into KDE's menu by default. Oddly in Ubuntu I even had to make a kcontrol icon, I couldn't find one by default. Not sure what's going on there.

That's about all it takes. Usually takes a good couple weeks after before everything is just right though. Strange how KDE always feel lighter and more responsive than Gnome. You'd think it'd be the other way around. KDE looks so darn bloated, but somehow in spite of all the complexity it runs very well. Maybe I will post a screenshot once I get things presentable. I haven't posted one in a long while.

March 08, 2007 @ 3:31 PM PST
Cateogory: Linux