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Spare partition

So after Windows having collapsed into a heap of flaming ruin, leading me to delete it in disgust and vow never to let it defile my hard drive again, I realized I have a spare 34GB partition on my drive just sitting there. I'm not even sure what to do with it.

It occurs to me that I could put Gentoo or some other distro on there and either dual-boot or maybe chroot in and play with it or who knows. I think perhaps if/when pkgcore ever matures I might give that a try. Or say KDE4 is released and Gentoo jumps right on putting it in Portage while other distros lag behind, that might induce me.

I have to say I'm largely only considering playing with Gentoo again due to emotional, irrational attachment and fondness for the distro based on past experience, and there's not really any rational reason I can think of to do it. I should also say that all the mess that I see on Planet Larry and elsewhere regarding devs quitting and problems with dev flame-wars is a good counter-balance to the above, because that kind of thing really makes me not want to touch Gentoo after all; that's an emotional and irrational response as well, but it balances out the above, and rationality wins the day, and I'll probably stay away from Gentoo for a while longer. But you never know.

Sadly no other distro really appeals to me at the moment. But another option is to put a bleeding-edge Ubuntu on there to play with before I switch my main partition over to the newest version. This strikes me as largely a waste of time because I'm going to upgrade my main partition eventually anyways. Probably always within a few days after it's released, because I'm obsessive about having the latest versions of things I can, for better or worse.

Most likely I'll turn it into a miscellaneous file storage partition. But that's awfully boring.

February 27, 2007 @ 1:46 PM PST
Cateogory: Linux