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Beryl, wow

The latest version of Beryl, or whatever version I just installed (0.1.2 I think) has new effects (new to me anyways). One is Beam Up and the other is Burn. Beam Up is like a Star Trek transporter effect. Burn is a flame animation, but if you set it to random colors it looks like magic or something. It's quite simply the nicest-looking thing I've ever seen.

Here's a very short little movie I made of these effects: ogg format, avi format. They were created using recordmydesktop.

Again Ubuntu took about 25 seconds to update every beryl-related package on my system. Gotta love it. Gotta love Linux in general; you don't even have to exit the X server to restart your window manager. How many times would I have had to reboot if I was doing this in Windows? (The answer is "undefined", because Windows doesn't have anything this nice to install in the first place.)

November 28, 2006 @ 1:10 PM PST
Cateogory: Linux