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Ubuntu day 3


  • Installing Beryl was brain-dead easy: add a repository and apt-get install beryl. About the same as Gentoo I guess, where you'd layman -S whatever-the-repo-name-is and then emerge beryl. Except Ubuntu didn't take 30 minutes to install it, and it was nice and tested and likely to work. I'm using the Emerald theme called "kind of blue". It's simple and looks nice and most important does NOT look like Vista or OS X. The only thing I don't like about all of this is having all these third-party repositories; for example I needed yet another one for the beta nvidia drivers. But I suppose it's not much different or worse than using overlays in Gentoo.

  • I got lm-sensors working. Again it was mostly easy; I followed this guide, sort of winging it on a few steps. There are a LOT of guides for ubuntu that assume you know nothing. If you know anything at all, it's more than enough information, usually. Anyways other than that it was a matter of apt-get install lm-sensors and then sensors-detect which tells you which kernel modules you need. (I had to run some bash script to create some device nodes first.) I modprobed those myself, and restarted conky, but conky hung without outputting anything. Turns out the sensors show up a bit differently in Ubuntu than they did in Linux. I had to change my ${i2c temp 1} to ${i2c 9191-0290 temp 1} in ~/.conkyrc. Took me a while to figure that one out. Ubuntu must be detecting more than one i2c device. Even after getting that right, conky wouldn't work until I killed and restarted X. Strange. Works now though.


  • My printer (Canon iP1600) refuses to work in Ubuntu. Every site I check for every distro says that there is no Linux support for this printer at all (except, ironically, Gentoo). But I had it working in Gentoo, unless I've been imagining the past year. I tried the iP2200 drivers, and a bunch of other things, and nothing works. I tried some drivers from a site called turboprint; it worked, but it prints a huge logo over top of everything you print and if you want to disable the logo you have to pay $40 for the driver. Screw that. I'll probably set up my old 550MHz computer, stick Windows XP on it, set it to load VNC by default, and stick it in a corner somewhere with my printer plugged into it.
November 16, 2006 @ 12:51 PM PST
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