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I went out with my sister recently and we got Weird Al's new "CD" (Straight Outta Lynwood). I put "CD" in quotes because it's actually not a CD, it's a DualDisc. The great thing about DualDiscs is that they don't play in CD players in your car. Oh wait, that's not a great thing at all. It's a very bad thing. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of buying the CD in the first place, in fact. It actually says in extremely fine print on the CD case something to the effect of "This disc does not conform to audio CD standards and may not play in CD players". Maybe they should've put that as a huge bright red sticker on the front, rather than waiting till people buy it and get screwed.

So I'm not bothering any more; I'm downloading MP3s of the album. I haven't even tried ripping the CD into MP3s myself; God only knows what kind of DRM backlash I would suffer. Not worth the time or trouble, when it'll take 20 minutes to find and download "illegally". For as much as Weird Al seems to "get it" sometimes with regards to the music industry, I wish he'd release his songs in a different way. I've bought every album he's released except one, most on cassette back in The Day, a couple on CD. It's unlikely I'll buy any more if this is the way they're sold. I only violated my "Don't pay the music cartel for their overpriced broken trash" rule in this case because I really like Weird Al; maybe I shouldn't have broken my rule.

November 07, 2006 @ 4:44 AM PST
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