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New watch (Nixon 286)

I've previously blathered about how I need a new watch. Well, I got my new watch a few days ago. I got a Nixon watch called the "286".

The name is clearly cool and properly geeky. The marketing slogan for the watch is completely retarded though: "IF YOUR VCR BLINKS AT 12:00, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU". Who decided to mix a nice geekish name like "286" with a slogan that insults the intelligence of anyone who buys it? (p.s. I think advertisers and people in marketing are some of the most evil people alive.) However I am well accustomed to tuning out advertisements, so no big deal.

There are many pictures of this watch on the site I linked above. Compare the picture on the website with a real-life picture of it on my skinny bony arm:

(picture mercifully removed)

There are a few things that are readily apparent. The first is that this watch is dark as heck. You'll notice I got the reverse-LCD one (black background with white letters, opposite of how most LCD watches are I think). It surely does not glow bright white like in the photos on the site. Outside in sunlight, it's very easy to read. In a well-lit room, you should be able to read it OK though you may need to move your arm around to find the proper reflective angle. In a room with poor lighting, you're going to have to resort to the backlight. The backlight does work very well though; it lights up even the tiny AM/PM indicator. I thought at first that the darkness was going to be really annoying, but it turns out that except for in the evening when I keep the lights fairly low, it's not a problem. People sitting across the table from you are not going to be able to glance over and see the time from your watch though. (Personally I consider that a plus.)

The second thing you'll probably notice is that this watch is enormous. I think the photos on the site make it seem a bit smaller than it is. The band is about 4.5 cm wide. It's so wide it has two tongues on the watch buckle, and two rows of holes for them to go into. Honestly I think this is great. The watch is so freaking big it actually acts as a wrist brace while I'm typing. It may save me from having stress injuries when I'm older, who knows. The numbers on the face are enormous too.

The leather of the band is extremely soft. Or maybe it's because it's so big, but either way, it's very comfortable. This is the first watch I've had in a long time that I can wear all day without taking it off and lying it next to the keyboard. The bad thing about the band is that when this thing wears out (and I'm sure it will, as leather tends to) I'm going to have to buy a replacement from Nixon directly, because it's clearly non-standard. The way the watch attaches to the band would seem to indicate that a "normal" band actually WOULD fit this watch, but the band is one of the coolest things about it, so screw that. In any case it's comfy. It looks like it would weigh a ton, and it probably does, but you don't really notice that you're wearing it.

The watch lets you program daylight savings time; I'll have an opportunity to test it in a week, so that's good timing. It also lets you program the time for two time zones. What programmer doesn't have use for looking at the time in UTC at a glance? I surely do. It also have five alarms, which I'll never use. And a stop-watch, again which I'll never use. The date is in European format, day-month rather than month-day, which again I think is pretty neat. And the date + day of the week is always displayed, without having to push a button, which is awesome.

I've gotten a couple "Hey nice watch!" remarks already, which is always nice. This watch certainly is noticeable. I highly recommend it, if you can live with the huge size and slightly low contrast level of the display. And the price, which I would call borderline too expensive. But I think it's worth the price (just barely).

October 24, 2006 @ 11:36 AM PDT
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Quoth Stuart on April 07, 2007 @ 2:25 AM PDT

I think the slogan implication is more that if you can relate to the 286 (the pc), you can relate to the pain in the ass of setting your VCR time. The corollary is that if 286 doesn't mean anything to you, then VCR probably doesn't either.