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Adminer, where have you been all my life?

How do you view and edit data in a mysql DB? Lots of ways.

There's always commandline mysql. This is how I do it around 50% of the time. But it could be better. ASCII-art table dumps are not the easiest things to read, and readline-based history and editing only gets you so far.

phpMyAdmin is what I grew up with. It's pretty good but it's way too heavyweight. It also has all kinds of funky Javascript, to the point where I actually use Greasemonkey to remove some of it. Auto-selecting query text when you try to edit it in particular drives me crazy. Auto-selecting ANYTHING on Linux, where selecting text usually equals clobbering the X clipboard, is a really really bad idea. Last I tried it's a one line of Javascript in Greasemonkey to fix this by the way:


But phpMyAdmin may have changed since last I used it, it's been a while.

There's the native mysql GUI, called mysql-gui-tools in Gentoo. It's a standalone app that's pretty good, but the Linux version is gimped up compared to the Windows version for some strange reason. In any case it seems to be discontinued or something. There's some new MySQL Workbench thing coming, which I'll probably try once it hits Gentoo, but it looks like overkill for my simple needs.

SQuirreL SQL is another cross-platform GUI app. It connects to lots of different kinds of DBs (pretty much any DB that Java can talk to), so at work where I have get my mysql server to talk to someone else's MS SQLServer (ugh) I use this. But it's very heavyweight and not the most enjoyable interface.

Last week I chanced upon something pretty good. Adminer is a single PHP file you throw on a server and there you go. It gives you something vaguely similar to phpMyAdmin but far more lightweight. There's very little Javascript messing with my query-writing and the styling is minimal and easy to read. I don't know how secure it is, so I don't plan to put it on any public servers, but on my test server doing web development it's good. I love bouncing back and forth between a the database in one browser tab and my website in another tab. This is what I use now.

November 28, 2009 @ 9:47 AM PST
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